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Irrelevant Drivel greetings
Tim Goshinski
Tim Goshinski
I code and I know (some) things

Just wanted to say “Hi” and “Thank you” for stopping by.

If you are curious I am planning this site as more of place for me to keep notes on new things I learn or figure out in a more searchable format than a bunch of random projects on one of my dev boxes. Thanks to the ADD and the excellent marketing departments of places like Frontend Masters, Manning, and Udemy I always have a backlog of shiny new things that I am teaching myself and it has started to become a challenge when attempting to recall “what project did I put that cool piece of code in that did that thing I want to do now?”.

Where is the comments section? I will likely never add a comments section because frankly they are a real pain to police for spam, unproductive flame wars, and really inappropriate content among other things. If you have a question feel free to reach out to me directly via the contact information I have provided here.

If you find anything of use in my random stuff - glad that I could be of service.

Have a great day!

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